Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Department of Corrections

Before turning my back forever on the Atlantic's anniversary party, I am duty bound to point out a few small errors in my earlier post. First, the sadist with the video camera was not an employee of the magazine. He worked for Gawker, which subsequently posted the video, which included me griping about the party. (You can also see the woman in the black dress do her whirling dervish bit.) Second, Justin Smith is not the publisher of the magazine--he is the president of Atlantic Consumer Media. Finally, I seem to have misquoted Arianna Huffington's haiku. The correct version, in a kind of me-Tarzan-you-Jane idiom, goes like this:
Our Founding Fathers
Said to pursue Happiness
We seek latest buzz
You will observe that the syllable count is now correct. Still rubbish, though. (You can read the complete set of haikus--and even vote on your favorite!--right here, if that's your sort of thing.)

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