Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Macca Returns: Memory Almost Full

I promise, there will be some dedicated HOM content very soon, but in the meantime I'll keep steering visitors toward the NewsQuake blog, where I'm trying to post every day. Today's topic: Paul McCartney's Memory Almost Full. Macca's latest, currently playing in nearly every Starbucks on the planet, is not quite the Old Master production I was anticipating (especially on the basis on John Colapinto's recent New Yorker piece). But it has its pleasures, and the 64-year-old rocker certainly hasn't forgotten how to shout. I began this way:
Back in March, Sir Paul McCartney announced that he was ending his 43-year-association with EMI and recording his next CD for the nascent Starbucks label. At the time his decision raised a few eyebrows (and hammered EMI's already faltering stock). Yet it was hard to begrudge the former Beatle a fresh start, especially after the public meltdown of his marriage to Heather Mills the previous year. And Starbucks soon unveiled an ambitious marketing plan, pledging to play Memory Almost Full in 10,000 locations worldwide on its day of release. With an audience of six million caffeinated consumers on hand, how could Macca go wrong?
As always, you can read the rest here.

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