Thursday, October 05, 2006


Happy birthday, KJP

I'm told by reliable sources that today is the birthday of Kelly Joe Phelps. In theory I swore off the whole YouTube thing a while ago, but I'll make an exception for this splendid clip from the Jools Holland Show. At the very peak of his knit-cap-and-lap-slide phase, the performer slips, slithers, and moans his way through "Piece by Piece," leaving the original version (from Shine Eyed Mister Zen) in the dust. There's another live version floating around on the Internet, with none other than Bill Frisell riding shotgun on electric guitar, but even that falls short of the intensity on display here:

Thanks for the Kelly Joe Phelps clip, my introduction to KJP. Not only is this guy an ace on guitar, he's also the extremely rare white guy with a voice for the blues. Now, how about a CD recommendation?
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