Thursday, May 18, 2006


Just the facts

Stephen Schenkenberg raised a slightly ticklish issue in a comment appended to my Dubravka Ugresic interview, and since I can't locate an email address for him, I'll respond here. He wrote:
I know Dubravka carries the ID of a saucy jokester sometimes, but that last bit bothers me. I reviewed Thank You For Not Reading and actually mentioned those NYT reviews, as they hammered home her point. It's a little disheartening to hear that her handle on those details was less solid than I assumed it to be.
I believe the author was having some rhetorical fun here. She did admit to getting the language in my Brodsky review wrong, since she didn't have a copy of the Book Review in front of her while she was composing the essay. But I don't think she would defend for even a millesecond the proposition that the facts don't matter. And her main point--that the editors gave Ivana Trump a 21-gun salute and greeted Brodsky's book with a popgun blast (from a nice popgun, I would maintain)--remains valid.

James, what is that music on your main page? who's the artist? It's lovely to listen to.
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