Monday, February 27, 2006



Because I have no shame, and because I feel that HOM visitors deserve a full-service, multimedia smorgasbord, I'm offering this charming song, "Why Sin Is Good." I wrote it, sang it, and played all the instruments--just like Sir Paul McCartney, but without the talent. There are some fluffed bits, too, but I left them in. I'm not sure how to turn it off once it gets started, so if you want to read in peace, just fiddle with the volume control. Or shoot the speakers: that's what Elvis would have done. UPDATE: I decided to introduce some musical variation. If anybody wants a personal copy of "Why Sin Is Good"--for, say, a wedding or barmitzvah--drop me a line and I'll email you an MP3. Meanwhile here's another selection. No title as yet, but it's got a vaguely Badalamenti-like vibe: maybe they can use on the outtakes disc for Fire Walk With Me. Or maybe not.

Takes a lot of guts, balls, chutzpah (or all of the above with perhaps some old fashioned substance abuse thrown in) to put a song on your blog, but hey, I'll say hey, too. Have you thought about having your people call Joe Cocker's people about this? I hear his raspy vocals belting this one out with a line of backgound singers....
With my cigarette lighter flickering,
Sam in D.C.
Many thanks, Sam. Guts, balls, chutzpah--you forgot egomania, but that's okay. As much as I love Joe Cocker, though, I'm holding onto this one. Unless Ruben Studdard wants it--the guy needs a break.
I dig the Steve Cropper-ish guitar licks.
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