Friday, September 30, 2005


Stern redux

In the Village Voice, Ed Park reviews the recent crop of Richard Stern reissues, nailing both the author's criminally low profile and delectable prose:
Richard Stern is known for not being better known. A native New Yorker (born 1928) and for many years a University of Chicago professor, an intimate of Bellow and Roth, Stern has written unclassifiable novels marked by nimble wit, immense intelligence, and (to cop a Stern title) depths of feeling. Almonds to Zhoof, his massive new story collection, approaches maximum density: A page in the novella "Veni, Vidi...Wendt" was so rich with pleasures that this reader felt like tearing it out and eating it.
Bon appetit!

"criminally low profile." Interesting way of putting it.
Salve, James, from Stresa, on Lago Maggiore. Tutto va bene, molto bene. I recently ordered Stern's story collection from a nameless online bookseller. Your Ed Park quote makes me especially glad that I did.
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