Thursday, August 11, 2005


What about Bob?

As far as I'm concerned, Robert Novak wore out his welcome a long time ago. I admit to a certain masochistic delight in seeing him on television: it's like watching a Punch-and-Judy show with the most arrogant puppet on earth. But I wasn't suprised in the least when he started cussing and stalked off the set of Crossfire. To the Wall Street Journal this was a courageous act, an elbow in the solar plexus of Democratic hypocrisy. To just about everybody else, it was craven and pathetic. That's what makes Art Buchwald's column in the Washington Post so refreshing. He can't quite bring himself to kick his former colleague down the stairs. So he lurches back and forth between mild reproof and mild disdain, all the while showering Novak with the sort of quips that used to put a sparkle in Bob Hope's eye:
What made Novak such a successful reporter was that he had more sources than any columnist in Washington. If you wanted to do in an opponent, you leaked to Bob. He received so many leaks he had to have a sump pump in his office.
Rim shot! No, but seriously folks, I hope his bratty behavior on CNN finally puts the Sultan of Smug out to pasture.

James: Novak's smug mug has been polluting the airwaves long enough to warrant an EPA citation. In the spirit of fairmindedness, let's offer him the choice of pasture or jail.
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