Monday, June 13, 2005


Ship ahoy!

Sorry, I just couldn't stay away from this one, reported last week in the New York Daily News. Apparently Bill O'Reilly had been promoting a special, liberal-hating cruise of the Caribbean, under the winning rubric of "The Battle for American Values." Now, devotees of the No-Spin Zone have every right to pollute the shipping lanes with their blather. And you can't accuse O'Reilly of shortchanging his customers. For a mere $1,099, passengers were slated to enjoy two appearances by the pugilistic host, plus a symposium on "How to Combat the ACLU." Imagine it: the sun, the spray, the icy piƱa colada--and a strident PowerPoint presentation on the evils of judicial activism. That's certainly my idea of a vacation. Anyway, the whole thing got canceled due to weak ticket sales. Next proposal: a brisk round of paintball with the NARAL staff.

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