Thursday, January 18, 2007


I'm an author, not a bricklayer!

Apparently I'm last person to hear this, but Ian McEwan has now discovered his long-lost older brother. The novelist's mother conceived David Sharp during a wartime affair, and her first son was born in 1943. After placing a newspaper ad ("Wanted, home for baby boy, aged one month: complete surrender"), she handed the infant over to his adoptive parents at the Reading train station in Berkshire. The brothers, who were unaware of each other's existence, lived just 15 miles apart for two decades. And McEwan's brother, a retired bricklayer, sounds like a very decent guy. "I had never heard of him," Sharp told the Oxford Mail. "Of course, I've read all of his books now, but whether he's a road-sweeper or an author is immaterial. He's just my brother to me."

Isn't this a terrific story?

(Did you see that Bud invited you record shopping, btw...I invited myself to tag along...)
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