Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Love (letters) for sale

Normally I avoid shedding tears for former Friends cast members, given their monster compensation packages and meager talents. (Hold on: I just realized that I enjoyed Lisa Kudrow's performance in the nasty, excellent Happy Endings the other day. There's an exception to every rule.) But my heart went out to Jennifer Aniston when I read about this guy selling a note she had scribbled him on toilet paper back in 1984. The entire lot of memorabilia, currently for sale on eBay, includes
a piece of paper with Aniston's name and phone number written in lipstick, a love letter from Aniston handwritten in red pen, a note written on toilet paper with birthday wishes from Aniston to Baroni on his 17th birthday, a page from Baroni's little black book containing Aniston's contact information, a photo of the pair hugging when they first met in 1974, an autographed photo from the cast of "Friends," a December 2004 copy of In Touch magazine with an article about their relationship and a notarized statement by Baroni certifying and attesting to the authenticity of the materials.
If you take a peek at the eBay site, there seem to be two bids, both retracted, plus a fair amount of ridicule from fellow customers. Yet I suppose some lucky bidder may still extract these latter-day Aspern Papers from the seller--and who knows, perhaps he has an entire roll of billets-doux.

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