Monday, May 16, 2005


Today's worst mixed metaphor (as of 8:42 AM)

I just finished reading David Carr's piece about Tina Brown in the New York Times. The author is a wee bit generous in his assessment of Topic A with Tina Brown--he mentions that the CNBC show typically drew a subpar audience of 62,000, but omits the widely reported fact that the most recent broadcast nailed a meager 4,000 viewers. (You could reach a similar audience by standing in Times Square with a megaphone. Maybe even without a megaphone.) But anyway, I'm not here to kick around Tina Brown. I wanted to note a wonderful bit of metaphor-mangling on the second page of the piece. Here we go:
Once, her magazines took readers inside the star chambers where the sausages were made. But audiences seem to have no interest in that: they just want the sausage, the rawer the better.
I know what a star chamber is, and I know what a sausage is. Put them together and you get--confusion. Or some kind of judicially regulated kielbasa.

And did you catch yesterday's hilarious correction of Carr's Don Roos piece?

"Because of a transcription error, an article last Sunday in Summer Movies, Part 2 of this section, about the director Don Roos rendered a word incorrectly in his comment about the use of onscreen titles in his film "Happy Endings." He said, "I love foreign films, which have a lot of signage in them" - not "porno films."
Judiciously what kielbasa?

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