Thursday, May 05, 2005


On a less ironic note

Last night at around 3:30 AM, two handmade bombs exploded in front of the British consulate, about two blocks from my apartment. Thanks to a half-tablet of Unisom, I heard nothing. Meanwhile, the police and ATF guys have cordoned off the block with yellow tape, and are poking around for clues. Luckily the devices--reportedly cheap, novelty grenade casings filled with gunpowder--injured nobody. They did shatter the glass in the front door and blow out two windows in the Western Publishing HQ across the street. While I stood behind the barrier and took this photo, a grumpy postal worker was trying to empty a mailbox on the corner. A cop shooed him away. I suppose they wanted to make sure there wasn't an explosive party favor in there, too. A nice reporter from a radio station interviewed me in my capacity as an Area Man, but all I could do was make like a cool, crass, imperturbable New Yorker. Which I am. Not.

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